Playobject for "Sim's Creche"
-Play object for all activities-

daycare center "le Creche"
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
organizer: Stichting Splendor
wood deck, sus wire cable, etc.

This is a play object for a day care center.
Most play objects are designed individually, to meet specific activities of children of different ages. In this project I wanted to design a play object, which can be shared and used by children of all ages.
First it started from plane or surface of wooden decks, which is the ground of all activities. Supported by stainless steel wire cables, the continuous plane transforms into various figures such as bench, slide, ceiling and so on.
These elements, wood decks, wire springs and knitted surface are kept in physical balance, resting between tension and compression. When a child enters, the structure starts to dance, transforming the child's motion into dynamic movement of the whole structure. An elder child challenges the slope and climbs up. And the whole structure responds. The younger child, sitting on the opposite side, will be rocked by the waves created by the structure.
Here in the same continuous surface, individual activities influence one another and create fun and united play-world of children.

→ appeared in: SAL magazine "FACE" (vol.003, Autumn 2001, Japan)


企画:Stichting Splendor Institute
木デッキ・SUSワイヤー etc.


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