Playground "Pinksterbloom"
-Knitting four materials-

proposal for design competition of play-ground (honorable mention)
site: basisschool "Pinkster Bloom"
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
organizer: Stichting Splendor, Berlage Institute
steel, rubber, wood deck, etc.

This is a proposal for a design competition of playground of an elementary school.
I designed playground using four different materials such as wood, concrete, steel pipes and rubber. The landscape transforms itself into various shapes, according to different needs of younger and elder children.
Wood deck and rubber floor lay horizontally, to be used as play floor in younger children's area, and they transform into vertical fence and mattress to be used for physical exercises in elder children's area. And in between the two areas, these elements create unique shapes during the transformation process, creating wavy surface and grooves where children can play hide-and-seek.
Unfortunately I did not win the first prize, but was awarded honorable mention, and I was happy to hear that children strongly recommended this proposal for the first prize.


2000, 9
主催:Stichting Splendor, Berlage Institute
スチール、ラバー、木デッキ etc.


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